Saturday, November 10, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 10: Stump Chunkman!

THE DECADE! I don't know if it's actually called that. I know a 100-mile bike ride is called a century, so who knows. But who cares? You made it!

1) Right?

2) Daily word count, montly total

3) If you're short of your goal average, what sort of drastic measures will you take to make up ground over the next twenty days?

Speed on!


  1. 1) So far I'm holding on.

    2) Today I did about 5 thousand. But I needed a major catch up. Total is 16,222.

    3) Tomorrow I will write extra much more on my personal stuff.

  2. Fell off this week, terribly bad.

    7132 total.

    I am hoping for a quiet weekend to write much. And write much every day. I just need to get back to writing every day!!!!!! dag-nabbit!