Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 1: Dirk Hardpec!

Don't worry if you don't understand the title. It will make sense in time.

So Wrimos, how'd your first day go? I want to know three things:

1) Your daily word count

2) Your total word count

3) Your favorite part of what you wrote for today.

Have at it!


  1. 1) 2104
    2) 2104
    3) To say that he was upset about moving would be to say that an ice cube sunk the Titanic.

  2. After a major computer mishap today that stole most of my writing time, I slid in with a measly 314 words. I might get a little more in, but I'm calling it there tonight. In my current WiP, I'm 20,419 words in. And my favorite part of what I wrote tonight (not a lot to choose from with only 314 words...):

    He looked peaceful, in a he-could-still-probably-beat-the-crap-out-of-anyone kind of way.

  3. 1} 386
    2} 499
    3} A trashbag lands square on my back, causing an involuntary “oomph” to escape from my mouth. Luckily it doesn’t alert them to my presence because by the lip-smacking and soft moaning I hear, they seem to be kissing.

  4. Love both of your favorite parts. Fun stuff. :)

  5. 1) 2303 today
    2) 2303 total (since it's day one--and sorry if I didn't specify that this is the number I was looking for)
    3) Coach speaks to the team at halftime.


    “Sir?” Javi Florenz popped up a few feet away from Porter.

    “You ever stopped a moving car by jumping in front of it?” Coach asked.

    “Well…no, but…”

    “Then don’t play so far up field. I know you’re a safety, but they’re not passing the ball and we’re not getting any picks. If there’s too much distance between you and them, they’ll actually get some speed and you’ll never stop ‘em."

  6. So, I cheated a little today and did some editing so that I could continue in a cohesive way with my project. But, I promise I'll do actual writing starting tonight. Here's my favorite part of what I worked on today:

    They took a moment to memorize their route. Mei's fingers disappeared. And then, almost at the same time, they said, "Let's do this."
    Carefully, quickly, they dashed out, forcing some of their energy into their Marks. Zoran, new to Stealth, still found it fascinating how both he and Alexey seemed to not be moving at all one second and then, in the next instant, they were positioned perfectly to reach the trees, just like they'd planned. And, nobody had noticed them in the moonlight. It was as if they'd dissolved themselves into shadows and then remade themselves from the same shadows. He was just shaking off the strange euphoria when he felt an awful jolt and crumpled to the dirt.