Monday, November 26, 2012

NaNo Day 26: CyberMonday


I don't care if it's the biggest Internet sales day of the year, you still have five days left to hit your goal (including today) so hit it. NOW.

1) Where are you in your story? First, second, third act?

2) Jump ahead in your story if there's another part you're more excited to write. Try it.

3) What cancelled TV show would you put back on the air? Besides Firefly.


  1. I am moving along in my story, almost halfway there. Good news, I wrote about 450 words today. Bad news, I wrote them in the wrong story :)

    I don't watch many shows until I know if they get renewed, so my list is limited. But if I can't say Firefly, then I might say Jericho.

  2. I'm getting through rewriting the beginning from the list manuscript and so I'm in the first act.

    No words in way too long due to bad timing and emotional stress. Still plugging away though.

    Firefly is the one and only. It's shiny.