Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 7: Rip Steakface!

Wow, a whole week! Can ya dig it?

1) Report your daily count and total count.

2) What's the biggest/most obvious/best thing you've learned in the first week?

3) If you could eliminate one distraction, what would it be?

If you need to find a place without distractions, don't rule out the option of sitting in your car with the laptop, guys. It's totally valid. I studied in a closet for a while when I had trouble focusing.


  1. I know this is lame, but I totally forgot to note what the word count was before I started today. I think I've got a couple hundred words so far today.

    The most obvious thing I've learned is to streamline things as much as possible. Don't let your characters beat around the bush unless that is absolutely a necessary part of who they are.

    TV/Internet, hands down. Anytime I hang out somewhere with no wifi, I get way more done.

  2. Nice pic, Bro!
    Don't know word counts. Didn't get much done today--heartsick--doesn't work well when trying to write a silly middle grade. :)

    I've learned that I hit a wall and want to give up. MUST CONTINUE!!!

    My biggest distractoin is outside stress. I can't step outside of it, so it interfere's with my writing. (THough right now I am thinking of channeling it and using it to deepend teh emotion of one scene . . .hhmmmmm)

  3. Tried to work on my Novel but I had to write By-laws for work. So I've worked on something like 3.000 words tonight but I actually only did:

    116 WIP
    1612 total

    Best thing I've learned is that I can keep working despite distractions/work. One distraction I would eliminate is bringing home work stuff.

  4. 957 for today, 9042 overall. Would have gotten more done, but I've been in a funk since last night for obvious reasons.

    Biggest thing I've learned this week is to be true to my instincts as a writer. I feel confined to the bubble of "your YA book has to have a major female character" and it was just eating up space and time, trying to write this girl that I hated.

    So today I said screw it, and I'm writing the rest of the story with a strict focus on the guy, because I write boy books. Not gonna pretend otherwise.

    Biggest distraction, definitely news sites. Not a problem any more.

  5. 396 words today, 2015 total.

    The most obvious thing I've learned is that I spend way too much time working and reworking scenes. Write it, look it over, move on...those need to be familiar words.

    The distraction I wouldn't mind eliminating is housework. I can't seem to work well when my house gets messy, but I really wish I could. Instead I have to clean it up before my brain will engage.

    DJ, sorry you're feeling heartsick. Sending loves your way.

  6. A whopping 32! (interruptions, plus needed some extra hubby time to commiserate/console over election result)

    Biggest thing I've learned it's possible to do some writing every day. Even if it's only 32 words it's keeping me in the mindset and moving me along.

    This week I'd eliminate the moments I've stolen to play Angry Birds on my phone trying to get three stars on level.